Octopus Woman in Campbell River

This morning (Wednesday, September 21), we enjoyed the almost-too-much sunshine in the cockpit (our sun porch) and had a pleasant conversation with two kayakers from a nearby sailboat, Ron and Kathy, who paddled by with their little dog lying on a mat on the front of Kathy’s kayak. They commented on the Braesail’s beauty, and the talk spiraled around to the cockpit enclosure that Walt sewed and then to Braesail’s heating system. Walt invited Ron aboard to see our installation, and that seemed to be quite helpful, and I chatted with Kathy. She had been admiring the spectacular star-filled Tuesday night sky, as I’d been doing, and she had heard some sort of whale exhaling and snuffling, but couldn’t see it in the dark, of course. All I’d seen on Tuesday and Wednesday were some frilly white jellies billowing by Braesail’s hull and a heron on some rocks near the shore, but I love seeing any wild creature.

We encountered minimal turbulence as we transited Surge Narrows during the afternoon and no adverse currents as we rounded Cape Mudge. I noticed the chalky white cliffs lining the shores of the cape as I looked out the window in the aft cabin’s shower stall while again enjoying a hot shower while we motored. We passed the lighthouse on the cape, and were able to dock Braesail in the Discovery Harbour Marina in the city of Campbell River with no difficulties at about 5 pm. After registering our presence at the marina office, Walt walked here and there on shore in search of an external GPS antenna, but was unable to find anyone who had one, and phone inquiries also produced no results, so the search continues.

We had an excellent dinner at the Riptide Pub near the marina to celebrate six months of safe traveling, and tomorrow we will see how many tasks we can complete.

The figure outside the Riptide Pub that I call “Octopus Woman;” her eighth tentacle is also wearing a white boot.

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