In the Octopus Islands (there are far more than eight of them!)

Tuesday, September 20, has been another day of magnificent weather, with a high in the low 80s F.! We spent it motoring through winding channels and tidal rapids (the Upper Rapids and the Lower Rapids today), around the rocks and islands in Octopus Islands Marine Park on Quadra Island, and finally anchoring in vast Waiatt Bay with a few other boats at great distances from us. There aren’t any acrobatic fish here, but we did see a seal cavorting nearby as we left Handfield Bay. It was warm enough for me to feel comfortable lying out on the fore-deck and falling asleep under the azure sky canopy that seemed to be supported by Braesail’s mast! Tonight, the stars and planets are dancing across the heavens with no clouds behind which to hide.

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll transit more tidal rapids at Surge Narrows, and then swing around Cape Mudge and find a docking spot in the city of Campbell River on the east coast of Vancouver Island. We plan to fill the fuel tank, change Braesail’s engine oil, do a month’s laundry, shop for and store provisions for the next 4-6 weeks, try to find a GPS antenna that will allow other boats to locate us, make a blog post, and perhaps visit the Indigenous artifacts collection at a museum. How many activities can we stuff into two days?

A view of some of the Octopus Islands from our anchorage in Waiatt Bay on a superb morning

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