Where is Braesail?


Half of Braesail’s AIS system quit working on Thursday, September 15. Because it no longer receives GPS signals, the system no longer transmits AIS locations. If you want to see Braesail’s location, you’ll have to use our satellite tracker. It too will go off line on October 1.

AIS stands for “Automatic Identification System,” a set of rules and techniques which boats use to identify themselves to each other and to emergency services. About every five minutes, Braesail broadcasts her position to anybody who is listening, and besides the usual listeners, this includes services like marinetraffic.com.

The important things to know about finding Braesail are its numbers:

  • MMSI (marine mobile service identity): 367733390
  • USCG Documentation number: 1137611

There are any number of services that can track Braesail’s AIS, and with those numbers you can use any of them.

For the moment click on “Where’s Braesail?” to see where Braesail might be.

Iridium Go

Once we are underway, and, particularly, once we are out of range of the AIS web services, we’ll be using Iridium Go as a communications tool. You’ll see a similar map here when we start using the satellite.