Any success with the GPS?

It’s the 6-month “anniversary” of our departure from Anacortes on Braesail (Thursday, September 22) and it’s another beautiful day of soft sunshine and a high of about 70 F. with a wandering breeze. It was “chore day” today, and I took care of the laundry while Walt went grocery shopping and called and visited stores in search of an external GPS antenna. He FINALLY found two different ones to try out, and they didn’t solve the problem, so it appears that our antenna is not at fault but that a multi-functional, multi-hundred-dollar electronic apparatus, the Vesper, that dealers and users and tech support personnel say has NEVER, to their knowledge and experience, EVER failed, has failed, and we are the one-in-a-thousand users to which this has happened–wouldn’t you know! Walt will buy and install a new one tomorrow–SIGH.

I stowed our provisions and the laundry after returning to the boat, and Walt and I then visited a nearby hair salon, at which we waited for nearly two hours to be shorn. My hair might now be shorter than Walt’s (I didn’t have to pay extra for beard, mustache, and eyebrow trims, in any case!). The oil change will wait until tomorrow, and we didn’t visit the city museum, but we DID look through a very nice Indigenous gift store where Walt bought two books and two little espresso mugs featuring Indigenous designs, one a heart formed by an eagle and a raven joined at heads and tails, and the other a hummingbird symbolizing hope, joy, beauty, harmony, industriousness, healing, and integrity, to add to his collection (his other two little mugs are decorated with a bear and a wolf).

We stopped into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on our way back to Braesail from the gift store, and I consumed the best ice cream bar I’ve ever had: a gelato-like mint filling covered with THICK dark chocolate into which mini chocolate chips had been embedded–fantastic! In the evening we walked about a mile one way on a cool night to the Beach Fire Pub for a fine dinner. I’ve walked well over five miles today and it felt great. The promenade along Campbell River’s waterfront is a very pleasant walkway, day or night!

Overlooking Discovery Harbour Marina in Campbell River

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