Billows of whipped cream in the Punchbowl

Punchbowl Cove in Misty Fjords National Monument is beautiful and mysterious. Mysterious especially because, should you look at a topographic map, you would have seen a 3000 foot glacial massif to the north with a glacial bowl with even higher walls to the south. Down the bowl was a 500 foot wide channel that teed into a 500 foot wide channel running east and west between the bowl and the massif. Wisps of ever-changing mist moved across the walls.

But, of course, that means that no electrons get in or get out unless they were carried in a bucket on a boat or a float plane. For that matter, no electromagnetic waves either. We spent Tuesday, July 12, tied up to a quite convenient US Forest Service buoy in front of a cabin in Punchbowl Cove that you could rent–if you could find a way to get here.

But we are now back in Shoalwater Passage on Wednesday night after motoring up and back down Rudyerd Bay between the misty granite cliffs and beside uncountable waterfalls that wind their way down from the clifftops and spill into the sea. Tomorrow (Thursday) we’ll head back out into Behm Canal, with a planned stop at the “Ham Island Bight” (change the spelling and it’s a great name for a diner!). We may head around Annette Island to visit (New) Metlakatla or we may just go into Ketchikan. I think I may have blown a diode in the alternator–it refuses to put out more than about 45 amps. If I can find a diode bridge in Ketchikan (should be easy–it’s the standard alternator on school bus-type vehicles) by chasing cell service at Ham Island, we’ll go to Metlakatla, if not, it’s into the big K.

This weather is beginning to get to me. Spending some of the Alaska Airlines miles gathered up getting Braesail ready for the trip on a week in Hawai’i sounds like a really good idea right now!

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