Photos of mountains, mists, and waterfalls in Rudyerd Bay on July 13

These were taken on a damp and drizzly day during our travels in Rudyerd Bay in Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness.

Misty wisps of moisture meander above and about astounding 3,000-ft. granite cliffs, down which cascades large and small wind their silvery way. Look for the waterfall toward the center of the rock face and for falls’ leaps into the sea at the bottom center.
One of hundreds of cataracts that plunge from the mountains into the sea
Innumerable waterfalls! When you see white spots at cliff bases, you’re seeing the frothy feet of cascades above.
Water everywhere–clouds in the sky, mists on the mountain slopes, cataracts decorating granite faces, deep green water in the bay!

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