The rain is here (and the thermostat is not)

Today (Tuesday, June 28), I am noticing a bit of soreness in my lower limbs after walking just over five miles yesterday (to shore and back twice, and to the Cathedral and back with more grocery shopping included on the way). Gray skies, waters, mists, and rain have enclosed Prince Rupert’s waterfront during most of the day, and Walt and I are reading and writing and downloading things for future perusal.

The skies brightened in the afternoon, and I strolled through, up, and around the beautiful, tranquil bi-level Sunken Gardens behind the Court House. In 1914, a foundation was dug for the Court House, but the construction was delayed by the First World War and the Court House was built elsewhere. The old foundation excavation became a munitions dump for the US Army during the Second World War; access tunnels were built because the top was camouflaged. Following the war, the old foundation pit became the present Sunken Gardens site that is maintained by volunteers for the enjoyment of all.

View over the Sunken Gardens; there are two round tables with benches around them and chess boards built in.
Another view of the gardens on an overcast afternoon
At the top of the gardens
A colorful rock formation with wild plants keeping it company

If the thermostat does not arrive before noon on Wednesday, we will motor off and explore some nearby coves and niches for a few days, and return after the July 1-4 holiday to pick it up here in Prince Rupert–if it has arrived by then!

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