NO, the thermostat for the fridge/freezer did not arrive . . .

. . . but it’s supposed to have left Los Angeles on Monday afternoon–HUGE SIGH! Here’s hoping that it’ll arrive today (Tuesday, June 28); moorage is expensive here, and it’s rather noisy and rocky-rolly on the outside of the dock at the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yachting Club as boats of all types and sizes (including cruise ships) and sea planes come and go, but the dock-master and various workers are wonderful!

We found plenty to do on Monday as the morning fog thinned away and the sun emerged (highs have been in the upper 50s). Walt rode his folding bike into town and got a haircut, and then carried one of our 10-lb. propane bottles from and back to the boat on the bike to have it filled (one must feed one’s hungry propane stove and stern deck grill!). He also did some grocery shopping, rinsed the water-maker’s filters, and worked on the Honda outboard motor’s gas cap. I carried two bags of laundry up the dock and onto shore to the Yacht Club’s very nice facility ($2 CAN to wash a load and $2 to dry–it has cost MUCH more at other places!), visited by phone with a friend and with Walt’s mom, and meandered around the Cow Bay neighborhood, taking the photos below as I went. [When a dairy farmer imported his herd to the area, there was no dock, and so the cows had to jump off the boat and swim to shore; Cow Bay is where they clambered onto the bank!]

A “cow bench” outside a shop
The exterior of the justly-famous Cowpuccino Coffee House (where you go when you’re in the “mooood” for beverages, snacks, and pastries), with telephone booth, back-and-white spool tables, signs providing distances to various cities around the world and to attractions in Cow Bay, and a cute “rocking cow” for kids to ride
A closer look at the “udderly” cute rocking cow

After laundry was dealt with and supper eaten (Walt prepared some of the excellent meat very generously donated to us by the people on a huge power boat who had docked nearby, and who were going to be leaving their vessel for some time), we hiked up the hill to St. Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral for their 7 pm hymn-sing. Walt played the church’s century-old pipe organ (played only a few times since arthritis forced the retirement five years ago of the most recent organist), and the priest (Paul, who is Rector of the Parish and Dean of the Cathedral), two ladies, and I had a wonderful time singing some suggested favorites and the hymns that will be included in the service this upcoming Sunday. Our time together was a great blessing to us all! (I VERY much miss singing regularly!)

2 thoughts on “NO, the thermostat for the fridge/freezer did not arrive . . .

  1. I hope you are remembering to simply RELAX on this trip, too! Sure is a lot involved with keeping the boat (and your bodies) running, and in clean clothes. But those pictures make it clear that it’s all worth it. Miss you both!


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