Two tranquil, rainy days

Yesterday, Saturday, was a quiet, mostly gray, drizzly day that gave us the opportunity to do some “different” things. Walt walked to the store to have our second propane tank refilled (we have two 10lb tanks. That gives us one full tank in reserve while the other tank feeds the stove in the galley), and I used up some soured milk by making pancakes and tea biscuits. I also sliced and stewed the locally-grown rhubarb that we’d bought at the Cooperative Store in Sointula. We both did a lot of reading, and I had a long conversation with my brother and his wife, who live in Springfield, IL. When the sun dropped by for occasional brief visits, the cockpit warmed quickly and it was pleasant to read and chat in our “covered porch”.

On a misty Sunday morning, we walked to Christ (Anglican) Church and worshiped with about 10 other people. We sang one of my favorite hymns (Be Thou My Vision) and When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (in Kwakwala, the language of the local Indigenous people), together with other hymns in Common Praise (the Canadian Anglican Hymnal). The sermon was very authentic and hopeful–through EVERYTHING, we are always sustained by the Grace of God–and it was marvelous to be served Communion wafers AND wine! I failed to hold back tears.

We were invited to coffee hour in the local Senior Center and had a wonderful time visiting the members of the congregation over savories and sweets. I felt very much “at home”, and I will miss this place and will continue to pray for the Vicar and people of Christ Church. We invited the Vicar, and his friend Phil, to visit us on Braesail, since both have experience with and interest in boats, and we were very happy to have their company during the afternoon. Making new friends is such a blessing!

In the evening, we joined two of our son Martin’s choir friends (who live in Vancouver) to sing the Compline service online using Jamulus software (it allows people to make music together in real time–you can hear yourself and the others, but you can’t see them). Walt and Martin and I and various others have been singing together on Sunday evenings as frequently as possible since April of 2020, and doing so has been one of the highlights of my weeks throughout “Covid-tide.”

The ‘Namgis arch at the Alert Bay Harbour that welcomes travelers to the town.
View over Alert Bay Harbour from the parking area at low tide. This photo and the one above were taken in the rain at about 8:30 pm on Sunday evening.

2 thoughts on “Two tranquil, rainy days

  1. It is so delightful to hear your sunny (in spite of rain) stories about your trip. I bet those sun breaks are especially appreciated out at sea. I admire how you both have figured out the best way to enjoy this adventure all the way. BTW, VERY impressed you can still do the Jamulus on the boat, and surprised you have a strong enough internet connection. How cool!


  2. Great to hear from you, David! I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. We are presently in Port McNeill and it is chilly and windy but SUNNY! Please greet Joe and the rest the choir for me.😃


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