A photo Finnish

Photo taken near the finish or our walk along the road in the Finnish village of Sointula that follows the shoreline of Malcolm Island and provides a view of Port McNeill across the water and the Vancouver Island mountains beyond

The charming, very friendly early-20th-century Finnish settlement of Sointula (meaning “Place of Harmony”) on Malcolm Island was our destination on another chilly, damp day (I’d much rather be here than in the Midwest where I read that 100-mph winds and 100-degree temperatures are wreaking havoc!!). Walt and I took the very nice free B.C. ferry from Alert Bay to Port McNeill and then to Sointula, where oppressed Finns from their Russia-dominated homeland and the Nanaimo coal mines on Vancouver Island attempted to establish a “utopian” co-operative community centered on logging, boat-building, and fishing. We spent a lovely afternoon visiting the Information Center, consuming hot beverages and pastries at Coho Joe’s eatery, browsing the Co-Operative Store (the oldest co-op store in British Columbia), passing through the peaceful village cemetery, walking along the waterfront road (I noticed many lilac bushes, bird houses, and sizeable, neatly stacked wood piles in many yards along the way) to the marina, looking into a good, old-fashioned hardware store, lunching on fish and chips at the Burger Barn near the marina’s dock, walking back to the library and impressive town museum (opened for us at our request), and accepting the offer of a ride back to the ferry terminal (our feet were grateful for a break after they’d carried us for over four miles).

Walt now has yet more books to read, having purchased two at the museum, and I have galley clean-up and the posting of this blog entry to complete at the end of a full and edifying day.

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