A Blustery Home-Coming

By Sunday afternoon, Braesail was anchored in spacious Blind Bay on Shaw Island in suddenly-springlike weather under mostly-sunny skies.

From Roche Harbor to Blind Bay on Shaw Island and finally back to Anacortes

The remainder of the day and the ensuing night were tranquil and relaxing, but during the motoring trip back to Anacortes Marina on Monday, January 10, the strength of the headwinds increased to some 40 mph, waves washed over the boat’s bow and rinsed the decks and windscreens as the boat bounced and smacked through the foaming water, and Lorelette began to feel anxious about the docking challenges lying ahead! Though maneuvering the boat into her home slip under these very stormy conditions was not exactly fun, Braesail was securely tied to the dock by late afternoon, Lorelette was highly relieved that she performed her docking tasks successfully, and all was well after an outstanding trip that prepared the boat, her captain, and her first mate quite effectively for the multi-month journey to and from Alaska, beginning in early April, to come!

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