A “Spirited” Wedding Anniversary

From Reid Harbor to Roche Harbor

By the afternoon of Friday, January 7, Braesail was docked in the village of Roche Harbor on the northwest side San Juan Island. Lorelette and Walt strolled around the usually-tourist-filled town that was now pleasantly peaceful and arranged to have a belated 50th-wedding-anniversary dinner at the local “fancy restaurant” on Saturday night, exactly three weeks after their anniversary date (December 18). Christmas lights glittered from the rigging of the boats in the marina and recorded carillon music drifted over the placid water from the hilltop chapel on the shore.

Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel overlooking Roche Harbor

After a fine dinner prepared by Walt in Braesail’s well-equipped galley, he and Lorelette read and wrote email and looked forward to the half-hour woodland walk to the excellent San Juan Distillery that they’d planned for Saturday afternoon.

An overcast but dry Saturday found Braesail’s captain and “first mate” enjoying a tasting of the marvelous locally-sourced spirits (liqueurs, ciders, brandies, and gins) produced by the San Juan Distillery from their local apples and other native plants, and engaging in an entertaining conversation with the owner. Walt purchased a number of bottles of his favorite gins and brandies and arranged to have them delivered to the historic Hotel de Haro in Roche Harbor later in the day.
A celebratory seafood dinner at McMillin’s Dining Room on the waterfront provided the anniversary couple with both wonderful food served with friendly attention in an elegant setting, and lovely views over the harbor filled with reflected holiday lights. A bracing walk back along the frosty docks to Braesail concluded a most delightful day!


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