Snow Ho!

Braesail arrived on Tuesday in nearby (and less expensive!) Canoe Cove Marina with a two-person crew aboard, water tanks filled, and temperatures rising a little. After a “rest day” of reading, emailing, and blogging, Wednesday’s motoring journey took the boat to the dock in roomy Reid Harbor on Stuart Island, where Braesail was the only boat.

From Sidney to Stuart Island’s Reid Harbor

While Walt napped, Lorelette went ashore and climbed across the “saddle” of land between Reid and Prevost harbors to enjoy the views over the water from the forested banks.

View over Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island just before the snow began

As she descended the steep ramp from the camping area and composting toilet to the dock, she noticed that she was being accompanied by flutters of snow, as had been predicted by the morning’s weather forecast.

View over Reid Harbor on Stuart Island as snowflakes began to fall

By bedtime, several inches of snow had wrapped the harbor in a white blanket, and on the morning of Thursday, January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany, Braesail’s captain and crew looked out the port lights at a gorgeous epiphany–an icy fairy-tale world enfolded in a half-foot of fluffy snow. Walt made a photo-shooting hike to the shore and back and Lorelette took pictures from the cockpit. What a magical place in which to spend a quiet day!

Snow-covered Stuart Island with “pancake ice” floating near the dock and ramp to shore

Across the slippery ramp to the dock to Braesail

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