On our way to Alaska at last!

After a number of delays due to: a family member’s surgery, a Requiem Mass for a friend, a dental appointment for a root canal (which didn’t happen due to entrapment in a long traffic backup), and foul weather, Walt and I (Lorelette writing) FINALLY left the Anacortes Marina at about 11 am this morning.

Anacortes (lower right) to Prevost Harbor (upper left)

We pointed a newly cleaned and polished Braesail toward Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island, about 30 miles away. A sudden and welcome warmth contributed to a beautiful four-hour motor cruise.

Winds were “light and variable” as predicted, seas were calm, and snow-creamy Mt. Baker gazed down on us as we traveled at about 7 kts.

Mount Baker bids us “Fair winds and following seas”

As we were docking, another boating family was just leaving, and they helped us tie up. The afternoon’s project was a carburetor-ectomy performed by Walt on the outboard motor that powers our new dinghy, Coracle (it’s aluminum-bottomed and lighter and easier to row than its predecessor, which we recently sold), but after a new carburetor was installed, Coracle carried Walt out and around for only a short distance before the motor decided it was not yet well enough to return to normal activities without further treatment, and Walt had to row back to Braesail’s bathing platform. The installation of a new spark plug comes next.

Prevost Harbor from the Washington State Parks dock

Over all, we have found the boat’s systems to be in good working order, and we are very thankful for a lovely first-day-out! After pleasant, mild weather today, we expect rain overnight, wind in the morning, and much lower temperatures for our journey to Sidney, BC, on Friday.

3 thoughts on “On our way to Alaska at last!

  1. It would appear that, aside from Walt getting a bit more exercise than was planned, your trip is off to a grand start! I am glad you could have a gorgeous Pacific NW day to officially begin your adventures. I look forward to more posts – and of course, lovely pictures. Be safe!


  2. What the Water Rat said to the Mole: “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing–absolutely nothing–half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”


  3. Starting on a beautiful PNW day, Mt. Baker in the distance, what a wonderful beginning. I look forward to more posts and pictures! Be safe.


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