October 16-17, 2019: On the docks at Everett

Walt and Joy and I spent Wednesday afternoon doing errands after we’d tied up at the Everett Yacht Club’s guest dock and I had gotten a Lyft from nearby Marina Village, with its stunning fall colors on full display, to the condo building to pick up the Prius. The trip over from Hat Island had provided some bouncy excitement via blustery winds and splashing waves that washed Braesail’s decks and deposited spidery salt “flowers” on the windscreen, and we were happy to be docked safely, with high winds predicted for the next day. I spent Thursday, the 17th, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen in our condo after Walt had shopped and cooked for the days ahead; we all enjoyed long, hot showers that felt TERRIFIC after 12 days spent at sea, showering only occasionally and very briefly. We had a lovely dinner at an Everett Thai restaurant before returning to the boat, soon after which Walt met Martin’s train from Vancouver at the Everett Transit Center and we all had a nice visit before snuggling into our beds.

Grey skies and blustery winds on the guest dock at Everett

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