October 15, 2019: Gedney Island

Hat Island
Hat Island from the south (marina at the right of the picture)

On Tuesday, October 15, we motored in relatively calm weather through the Hood Canal Bridge, opened for our passage. We docked in the small marina on Gedney Island (locally known as Hat Island) after Walt and I had taken turns at the helm in deteriorating conditions without the help of our autopilot. Once we’d tied up the boat at the dock, the weather improved; Walt napped and Joy and I explored the shores around the marina, admiring a garden made in a tiny rowboat, looking at the beautiful crimson leaves on a stand of trees near a steeply ascending road, and walking the length of the curving sand beach near the docks, exclaiming over the intricate shells and the vast array of drift logs along its borders, and watching wild rabbits streak across the playing fields in the nearby park. Our main challenge was removing sand from our shoes before climbing back onto Braesail in time for dinner.

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