October 18, 2019: A Hat (Island) Trick

On the morning of Friday, Oct. 18, we drove Joy and Martin to King St. Station so that Joy could take the train to Sacramento and Martin could catch the Link Light Rail to SeaTac for his flight to Palm Springs for Modernism Preview Week events. After running a few more errands, Walt and I motored back to the Hat Island Marina through more rainy, windy weather.

Inland on Hat Island

Once safely moored, Walt napped while I, during a break in the weather, hiked up a very steep road from the docks that provided a great view from the bluff back toward Everett.

Looking south toward Everett on a misty day

I found a lovely little park featuring a gazebo with wooden benches arranged in front of it for event-viewing, two small gardens planted around fruit trees, and a pretty pond around which a number of mallard ducks were paddling. I got some excellent exercise as well as sweeping over-sea views!

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