October 13, 2019: To the head of Hood Canal—Twanoh State Park

Looking across Hood Canal from Alderbook Inn

After disposing of our trash and pumping out the holding tank, we traveled a few miles along the Canal to Twanoh State Park on Sunday to find a mooring spot. Following a sunny start, the day turned partly cloudy and cool, and we encountered very little wind. I heard and then glimpsed a loon, whose warbling call I’ve always loved, as we neared the park–a special treat! Once we’d hooked a mooring buoy and attached Braesail securely, Walt rowed Coracle, our dinghy, to the sandy shore of the peaceful, densely wooded park to register our presence, but Joy and I elected to stay aboard Braesail and rest. We were anticipating Martin’s arrival after a weekend of dance events in Seattle, but he had to cancel his plans to spend four days on Braesail because he had to return to his Vancouver BC apartment to deal with an infestation of bed bugs–what a bummer for us all!

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