October 12, 2019: Going posh at Adlerbrook

On Saturday, Oct. 12, after a peaceful night and a relaxed, sun-hugged morning, we motored for just over an hour from Potlatch Park to the Alderbrook Resort and Spa, where we docked at noon and observed preparations being made for a wedding to take place that evening on the lawn near the shore. During the cloudy but mild afternoon, Walt took a long nap and Joy and I explored the gorgeous inn and its beautifully landscaped grounds that surround an indoor spa and pool and looked through the pool-side gift shop.

The Dalby Waterwheel near Alderbrook

We next walked along a short creek-side nature trail and then down the highway past the lazily turning Dalby Waterwheel, once used for power generation, that dates from the 1920’s; visited and patronized a charming roadside gift shop; wandered around the inn’s indoor shops and arboretum on our way back to the boat; and at last returned to Braesail for rest and reading. Joy treated us to a terrific dinner at the inn’s fancy (and expensive!) restaurant, from the windows of which we enjoyed marvelous over-water views of the Olympics and their foothills (I loved the local scallops and the custom-made “Canal Crunch” ice cream: vanilla containing chocolate streaks, caramel ribbons, praline bits, and pretzel fragments–YUMMM!).

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