October 10, 2019: Through the Hood Canal Bridge to Pleasant Harbor

We approach the Hood Canal Bridge

It begins to open….

And in we go

Looking back


On Thursday, Oct. 10, we continued to nurse our colds and motored through the Hood Canal Bridge’s opening (one calls an hour in advance of the desired transit time to have the bridge opened for vessels as large as ours) over silky seas under cloudless skies, and tied up at the picturesque Pleasant Harbor dock at about 2 pm. We pumped out our holding tank (attempting to drown colds in hot tea results in a tank rapidly filled!), and Joy and I walked along the trail above the marina, enjoying the warm sunshine and the fall colors and stopping into the marina office/store. We needed bread and milk and the store sold neither, but the kind lady at the counter brought us a loaf of frozen bread from the kitchen of the adjoining restaurant (open only on weekends) and sold us a 20-oz. cup of milk as well! Naps, chats with fellow boaters walking their dogs along the docks, a fine dinner, and a long game of Hearts completed our Thursday.

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