October 8-9, 2019: Port Gamble

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, we motored to Port Gamble Bay into feisty 27 kt (31 mph) north winds that created rather rough, foamy, and exciting seas! The boat dipped and pitched and rolled, sending some of the contents of the cabins flying onto the floors, but no damage was done. At least our instrument read-outs were functioning properly, and the leak in the engine’s thermostat housing remained staunched—whew!

Looking west to Port Gamble Villiage from our anchorage

We arrived at our destination at about 2 pm, and once we were anchored (we were the only craft in a huge bay!), the warm autumn sunshine splashed into the cockpit and washed the golden leaves on the trees surrounding the bay with shimmering light. A sudden squall passed through with more high winds and a heavy shower, but afterward, calm returned. One of our two propane tanks was nearly empty, we found, so Walt hooked up our second tank, dinner was prepared and consumed, various card and dice games were played, delightful recorded music was enjoyed, and the evening stretched out languidly into night beneath a milky moon.

I had come down with a cold on the day of our OSSCS concert, and Joy and Walt were now being caught by it too, so we spent a gorgeously sunny, breezy Wednesday anchored where we’d put down the hook on Tuesday. Reading, working e-puzzles, napping, playing games, and watching videos of beautiful journeys on the canals of the British Isles filled a restful day.

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