October 6, 2019: Off to Port Ludlow

We’ve decided that this month is going to be an easy time. We are going to go without schedule, whenever possible, stay put for a couple of days when we feel like it, and just goof off. While it is quite comfortable to put in forty to sixty mile days on Braesail, we are going to try to make twenty miles a long day.

port ludlow

So on Sunday, October 6, we did the final loading and stowing of food and gear on Braesail, finishing the job at about 1:30. We motored in 18 kt headwinds under partly-sunny skies for 3 ½ hours and, for the most part, had a lovely time relaxing and enjoying the beauties of sky and sea. After docking, Joy and I went for a pleasant evening walk on the bluff above the marina while Walt cooked supper, and with all the chores finished, we planned to go to bed early and to spend a lazy day in port.

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