September 30-October 5, 2019: In Everett

Weyerhouser building
The view from the visitors’ docks, Everett Marina

Walt spent many hours during the week of Sept. 30-Oct. 5 working on the engine. It had blown a hose, and so he felt it best to replace all the hoses in the fresh water side of the engine cooling system. Once it was back together, a little bit of antifreeze kept leaking out of the thermostat housing (when he replaced the thermostat housing, he found a small crack). He ordered a new housing, but used a bit of Bar’s Leaks that seemed to stop the slow antifreeze loss. We were thankful that the engine ran at a safe temperature on the way from Everett to Port Ludlow on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 6, and there didn’t seem to be any loss of antifreeze. A refrigeration specialist added a tiny amount of coolant to the system, and the refrigerator and freezer began to behave properly. Walt repaired one bedside reading light, and intended to purchase the switch needed for the other, and by the 6th, the malfunctioning gauges read correctly.

Walt thinks it’s great that owners take out boats they’ve chartered—boats know when their owners are on board, and choose that time to act up!

We’d picked up Walt’s mom, Joy, at the King St. train station after Orchestra Seattle/Seattle Chamber Singers dress rehearsal on Friday night and had gotten her settled in Walt’s study in the condo, and it was great to have her with us again. She attended the concert on Saturday night and found the music very “interesting and unusual.”

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