September 29, 2019: To Everett

During our trip to the Everett Marina’s guest dock on Sunday, Sept. 29, a big problem cropped up: the boat’s diesel engine kept overheating, forcing us to stop every mile or so and wait for it to cool down.

We decided not to spend the night on Hat Island as intended, but instead to go straight into Everett because of the availability of repair facilities there, so we sailed on a fortuitously-arising 10-mph breeze at around 5 mph for the last hour of our journey and docked in an Everett Marina guest slip under very low engine power. Walt took a Lyft to the condo, drove the 50 miles back to Anacortes, left the Miata in the Marina parking area there, and drove the Prius back to the Everett Marina. I visited with my brother and his wife and then with Walt’s mom on the phone and tried not to think about all the repair issues.

Everett Marina
The Everett, WA marina

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