September 7, 2017: The MacBook likes the lounge

After an uncomfortably warm and humid night, Walt and I saw through the aft cabin port lights, as expected, grumpy gray skies and a smoky sun, but the air felt a little cooler than it had on Wednesday morning. We needed to run the boat’s engine to recharge badly-depleted batteries, and as we were doing this and munching toasted English muffins topped with orange marmalade (about the color of the sun these days!), Walt arranged a night’s moorage at the dock of the False Creek Yacht Club not far from Braesail’s current position.

We weighed anchor and motored the short distance to the yacht club’s facilities, past many boats, some verdant stretches of park lands, and some large and vibrant murals, and I helped tie up the dock lines, but as I slipped off the deck with the central dock line in my hand, my left forearm hit the metal ring to which the lower life line is hooked when it’s closed and a huge welt rose immediately–OUCH! Walt went up to the offices and members’ lounge to register before departing in Coracle to buy a few items, including a small fan for the saloon (those in the bow and captain’s cabins do make those spaces more comfortable on these hot, sticky days), and some pastries. I pressed ice against the painful lump on my arm (it reduced the swelling and pain but the bruise’s colors are quite striking!), caught up on e-mail, worked on activating the new credit and debit cards Walt had brought from the condo, and began the process of notifying some 15 entities about the new card information–such a hassle!

After a sandwiches-and-cherries lunch, we walked up to the shore to deposit cans for recycling and to see if Walt’s new laptop would start up properly in the yacht club’s lounge where connectivity would be better than it was on the boat (he’d spent some hours trying unsuccessfully to load and reload the operating system earlier). Said lounge is very classy and has a great view over the False Creek waterway, IMG_20170907_162604641

View from the False Creek Yacht Club’s lounge on a gloomy, smoky afternoon

and Walt’s laptop must have found it congenial too because it started up immediately with no problems!?! We spent some time in the lounge reading and planning the last three weeks of our travel using online charts, forecasts, and guides, Martin joined us for dinner after a photo-shoot (my taco salad was very good), and we had our usual wonderful time together. He loaded the digital photos we’d taken of Sagres on Monday onto his flash drive (he knows of one or two people who are interested in buying Walt’s and my share in the smaller boat, and Walt’s photos and Martin’s friend Sean’s drone videos are intended to encourage a sale!), and then left to attend an outdoor dance, and Walt and I did more reading in our cruising guides, ate some chocolate-and-peanut-butter ice cream as a late dessert, prepared the boat for Friday morning’s predicted showers (I do so hope they materialize!), and made our way to bed.

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