September 8, 2017: One more “chore day”

Some rain at last (and a short blog post)! At least a little of the moisture was finally wrung out of the air as precipitation this morning, for which we were most grateful! We ate yesterday’s chocolate croissants and some fruit for breakfast, and Walt arranged for Braesail to spend another night at the False Creek Yacht Club’s dock because of our need for good connectivity and because of tidal current speeds and directions in the pass through which we want to travel into the Gulf Islands. We spent a quiet morning completing tasks on our laptops; Walt had a phone conference with fellow Scholar Priests, performed a desk clean-up, and then motored off in Coracle to purchase more groceries (strange how they seem to disappear rather regularly!) and peripherals for his laptop. I worked via phone and MacBook on the replacement of the various cards that were in the little clutch purse I lost in Amsterdam, and to inform a large number of charitable institutions about the change in my VISA card number. I also began going over some of the boating information in the online course I took last spring to see if I could remember anything (I actually could!).

After a late lunch of quesadillas and Walt’s usual nap, we saw that the skies were patched with blue here and there and sensed that the air was cooler and less humid, and so we walked down the dock to the shore ramp with the intention of picking up yet “a FEW more” food items before our departure across the Strait of Georgia to Porlier Pass Saturday morning. As we strolled along the dock we encountered a mannerly Miss Mallard sitting on a low rail and a lanky and lackadaisical Herr Heron pacing along the planks (we saw a slightly larger and flightier one yesterday as we returned from the yacht club lounge/restaurant to the boat), each of whom I greeted, and soon we were beginning the mile-long meander through a pleasant park and along some of the streets in the Yaletown section of Vancouver to an open square around a peaked pavilion where, at an Italian bakery, we bought some slices of mushroom/cheese pizza for supper. Next came shopping at Urban Fare, a very large up-scale market, which was our planned destination.

The walk back to Braesail was quite lovely in the almost-fully-dark! I stored the groceries, Walt raised Coracle onto the davits at the stern after doing some reading, I wrote most of this blog entry, we enjoyed some “Cherry Garcia” ice cream, and we were soon ready to retire for the night with an early start planned for Saturday.

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