September 6, 2017: A quick trip to Everett and back for Walt

Walt’s alarm went off at 5:45 am, just after I’d awakened. The morning again dawned sullen and smoky, with the sun’s fierce orange sphere glaring down and soon scattering fiery reddish flickers over the water. After granola and coffee, Walt was ready to meet Claudia and Bob, who arrived to pick him up in their dinghy at about 6:30. Off they went, and I returned to bed and slept quite deeply for nearly three hours, which felt very refreshing!

After rising and reading Morning Prayer and also eating some granola and yogurt, I saw that the ship’s batteries were quite low (the refrigeration system consumes great heaps of electrons, especially when it’s warm, and the smoke-and-cloud cover blocking the sun’s rays was rendering our solar panel quite ineffective). I therefore switched on Braesail’s engine and ran it at about 1800 rpm for 1.5 hours so that the batteries would charge, and was glad when they were sufficiently full to eliminate the noise and the diesel fumes!

I spent most of the day writing blog posts, reading and answering e-mail, and looking over our cruising guides to find some especially attractive places in the Canadian Gulf Islands to visit over the coming weeks. Having located several, I climbed into the cockpit where there was a little cool wind, watched the daily boat parade (which this afternoon included “dragon boats,” long, narrow craft of Chinese origin steered by someone in the stern and paddled very swiftly in unison by a many pairs of rowers facing forward and kept in rhythm by a drummer in the bow facing astern), and then napped for an hour. At about 4 pm I received e-mail from Walt letting me know that he had his new laptop and was loading files in his study in our condo; both the long-unused Prius and the Miata had started with minimal coaxing by a portable jump-starter he’d brought with him; he’d deposited a check we’d had for a long time, waiting for sufficient connectivity for the performance of the electronic task; and he should be back in Vancouver sometime around 7 pm. After receiving this good news, I found the score of a mass by Robert Schumann and a YouTube recording of the work so that I could listen while following the score; OSSCS will perform the work in October, but I won’t participate because I’ll have missed too many rehearsals.

A little after 7:30 pm, Bob dropped a grateful Walt and an old backpack and his new laptop and books at Braesail‘s stern, I boarded Coracle, and we motored to David Lam Park to lock up the dinghy and walk the half-mile to Martin’s apartment in downtown Vancouver on a too-warm, quite humid evening. We stopped at a deli and bought two small quiches to serve as our suppers and ate them in Martin’s living room while Walt finished loading everything onto his laptop and I visited with Martin (connectivity is not great in the middle of False Creek and computer work can be very slow and tedious when on Braesail!). The job was finished by about 10 pm, and we packed up our belongings and strolled back to the dinghy dock in the park; it was a little cooler, and the ride back to the boat in the dark, surrounded by the twinkling lights of boats and buildings, was quite pleasant. We were very soon climbing into bed after a very long day for Walt, and I was happy that he’d returned safely after having accomplished his tasks in the Seattle area.

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