. . . and Peace in Tolstoi Cove

Nine hours of motoring took us from Red Bay to snug and scenic Tolstoi Cove, where we’re spending tonight (Monday, August 15). We woke to SUNSHINE this morning, and spent some time reading in our “solarium” (the enclosed cockpit) and listening to eagle, loon, and other distinctive bird calls before beginning the day’s journey. The trip was very straightforward and comfortable, through we did encounter floating sticks and logs, kelp clusters, crab- and prawn-trap buoys, and gillnetters’ net buoys to avoid. A cute green-and-yellow tug-style power boat named “Zucchini” (the owners’ spelling) motored near us during most of our journey and anchored not far away in Tolstoi Cove. Walt had a friendly radio conversation with the skipper, who was impressed by a sailboat that traveled at such a good speed!

Today was a fine day for viewing wildlife! It was wonderful to spot sea otters popping up near the boat from time to time and then diving, to observe what I think were dolphins swimming in a line at some distance, and to watch a doe and her fawn, who were standing at the end of a narrow spit of land and staring at Braesail as she passed by, and a few minutes later, were swimming from the spit back to the nearby wooded shore, with Mom in the lead and Baby following in her wake (literally!).

On Tuesday, we plan to motor to the Indigenous town of Kasaan, where there is a totem park and longhouse. We hope that the rain-free weather will continue!

I took three photos in Red Bay on Sunday night–the sunset was a lovely gift at the end of a windy, showery day. I call the series:

The Cloud Monster and the Sunset.

The hungry Cloud Monster drifts toward the young sunset with an open mouth.
The Cloud Monster attacks the sunset.
Victory! The sunset continues to flourish despite this attack and the Cloud Monster begins to drift away–into the sunset . . .

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