A fair day of rest on this Day of Rest

After our strenuous day yesterday, and upon waking to a visit from the “Wind & Rain” twins, Walt and I decided to take a day off from traveling and “rest up.” I baked carrot muffins and have been reading about some of the places in Alaska that we plan to visit next week, writing and sending email using the Iridium GO! (no connectivity in this very-remote bay), cleaning up the galley after the various stages in Walt’s assembly of a batch of lasagna, and napping. Walt has been reading, doing some sewing, making lasagna, and napping also. I think we both are more tired after Saturday’s trip than we thought we were! I’ve also been enjoying “Readings for the Daily Office from the Early Church” on this misty Sunday (August 14).

The photo below shows of a small portion of the shoreline of our huge anchorage, located at the very end of even-more-massive Red Bay (more accurately designated “Gray Bay” today!) in the late afternoon. The scenery in Friday’ s anchorage in Stedman Cove was similar, with fewer and lower surrounding hills and more low-lying sandbars and reefs. I’m remembering yesterday’s transit of Rocky Passage in FOUL weather; seeing flocks of waterFOWL atop patches of sand and weeds marked “FOUL ground” on our charts; and Walt’s having to stop the boat, put the engine into reverse, and then drive forward at considerable speed in order to clear our FOULED propeller of wads of weed as we motored near and through islands of kelp (and thinking of our yelping, “Help, help! It’s kelp!” when my sister and brother and I would encounter long “kelp serpents” that attempted to entangle us while we swam at the beach when we were kids). Today, we are safe and warm inside Braesail’s cabins, we are not in a FOUL mood, our plans are not FOULED up, and therefore it’s a FAIR day indeed!

The head of Red Bay on a rainy, misty, gray Sunday

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