Our long-awaited item–has finally ARRIVED!!

Prince Rupert’s cargo handling facility as seen at about 11:15 pm from Russell Arm

We spent a quiet Wednesday in Russell Arm, which, since a stream connects its north end to some lagoons/lakes, was once part of a local recreation area that provided summer swimming and winter skating possibilities; one can see the ruins of cabins as well as old pilings around its shores. Since no one called Walt about the arrival of his package, we assumed (correctly) that it had not yet arrived. So Walt made another loaf of bread and we continued reading theology books (Walt) and sermons (me) and books and articles about traveling in Alaska (both of us), writing email, and watching some “Great Canal Journeys” videos.

We decided that we would take Braesail across to Prince Rupert today (Thursday, July 7) if we could moor for one night at the Rowing and Yachting Club docks (the answer was “Yes”), so that we could “re-provision” (restock our food supplies), and so that we could also inquire, in person, about the arrival of the thermostat at the Cow Bay Marina office. The harbor area was quite busy, but we had no trouble docking, and we we took a bag of garbage, a bag of items to recycle, many shopping bags, and our handy-dandy REI folding cart up to the shore. When we inquired about the thermostat at the marina office, we were told that it had JUST been delivered within the last hour, and we could take it away–WOO-HOO!!

Since returning to Braesail with four large, heavy bags of groceries and packing our pantries,Walt has been working on the installation of the thermostat, which has required the removal of cupboard doors, floor panels, and the companion-way stairs, and the moving out of things from storage areas in the galley near the fridge. He will see if everything is working as it should be, and he can walk to the local hardware store on Friday morning to purchase anything he still needs, in addition to buying a number of items on a list he has compiled.

We plan to leave here in mid-morning and head for Brundige Inlet on Dundas Island, about 35 miles northwest of here, which will involve about six hours of motoring through occasional rain showers with minimal wind. It will feel good to be “on the way” again!

One thought on “Our long-awaited item–has finally ARRIVED!!

  1. Ah, the joys of boating:
    “the removal of cupboard doors, floor panels, and the companion-way stairs, and the moving out of things from storage areas in the galley.”
    No telling what it would take to replace a light bulb!


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