“Your item has left a facility–in CANADA!”

But it has not yet arrived at its destination in Prince Rupert! Walt phoned the office of the marina to which the thermostat is to be delivered, and after 18 days, the package, mailed from Seattle, is still somewhere in Canada, it appears–Inuvik, Northwest Territories? St. John’s, Newfoundland? Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? Haida Gwaii, B.C.? Walt will call again on Wednesday; if the thermostat DOES arrive in Prince Rupert tomorrow, we will be close by and able to collect and install it.

We finally motored out of Welcome Harbour today (July 5) around noon under thickly overcast skies after a very tranquil and enjoyable six-day stay.

Another shore view as we leave Welcome Harbour. I love the colors of the sea weeds and grasses that drape the rocks!

As usual, there was scarcely any wind, and the 4-hour, 24-mile journey over a sea of gently rippled pewter was uneventful. We passed the shore-side Tsimshian village of Metlakatla (from which about 800 residents left in 1886 with the Anglican Missionary, William Duncan, to establish a new town– Metlakatla, AK–which we hope to visit on our way back south to Everett) that is presently closed to those who are not members of the band, and dropped anchor in quiet Russell Arm, which presents a “study in green!”

So many shades of green: the grasses and sedges along the shore, the trees and their reflections in the water, the “hanging baskets” of plants adorning the old pilings!

There are several other boats here, and we can see Prince Rupert’s commercial loading docks’ cranes and multitudinous shipping containers, stacked up like children’s colorful building blocks, about three miles across the water. We will be able to remain here until the thermostat arrives–SOON, we hope!

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