Another wet green-and-silver day

It’s June 7, and as the promised “big windstorm” approaches (according to all the forecasts), we are staying dry and relatively warm on Braesail here in tranquil and secluded Bag Harbour. Skies have displayed many shades of gray over the course of the last two days, with rain and wind gusts visiting now and again.

Walt has been reading and working on the introduction to his planned book on “the reconciliation of peoples,” and we are looking at weather predictions and thinking about where we can go given various scenarios. Walt prepared salmon crepes for dinner with banana crepes for dessert–lovely!

I wrote and sent email to some friends via our satellite phone, and used it to visit with our son, who is off to Toronto soon; it’s supposed to be sunny and very warm there–a welcome change from the Pacific Northwest’s ongoing “Junuary!” I’m reading an excellent book: “Haida Gwaii: Journeys Through the Queen Charlotte Islands,” 2004, with wonderful text by Ian Gill and gorgeous photographs by David Nunuk. I recommend it highly!

I took these photos from Braesail’s deck a little after 9 pm in one of the evening’s gentle rain showers. I love the silvery sky and sea and the various greens decorating the hills and shores!

Looking over Bag Harbour in the rain
More green and silver

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