It’s (we’re) in the Bag

Bag Harbour, on Moresby Island, that is! Walt’s post will provide the details of our situation, but, in general, we are “holed up,” waiting for an apparently major windstorm to blow through the area.

The sun found us in Ikeda Cove for several hours on Sunday afternoon, but clouds and rain returned overnight and we motored in mist and drizzle and light rain for around two hours today. Clouds lowered over the mountains and islands, and I was glad that we have radar to help us see what’s around us! I took the photo below showing “islands in the mist” and another showing islands after mist had cleared.

A misty journey through Burnaby Inlet
Things look a little clearer!

Rain comes and goes as Braesail swings around her anchor (on about 150 ft. of heavy chain) in the wind that groans and sighs through the rigging. This anchorage is, again, very lovely and spacious, with old-growth forest surrounding it, and we are the only boat here, as has very often been the case when we have found refuge in remote bays and coves. We have everything we need to be comfortable: plenty of water (we used our water-maker today to give it some exercise), food, battery power (the solar panels produce energy even on overcast days), fuel to run the heater and produce hot water, and room in the holding tank, and we have plenty to read and to write about in blog posts and email and text messages (using our Iridium GO! satellite phone). We can receive email ( and can make outgoing calls as well. So we are thankful for our situation and the beauty surrounding us, however long we might be here “in the Bag!”

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