Ready to set sail for Haida Gwaii

Today (Friday, June 3) brought ashen skies above, similarly gloomy water below, and gray veils of rain to Bent Harbour. We have no cellphone or internet connections and I hav

Walt prepared Braesail for our trip across Hecate Strait tomorrow, which will begin at about 6 am, and I wrote and posted a blog entry for yesterday and made a batch of peanut butter cookies to have available in the cockpit tomorrow during our long journey (probably 10-12 hours). Walt is adding AIS emergency beacons to our PFDs (personal flotation devices) as I write this, and he rigged jack lines, to which we can clip the harnesses we wear, around the boat’s decks to keep us from falling overboard. We are not expecting high winds tomorrow, but it’s good to be prepared for anything! I’m soon going to make sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch and pop them into the fridge before we retire for the night. I’m not expecting to sleep much, and am happy that we both got good naps this afternoon. I am praying for a safe and mostly comfortable journey to Rose Harbour at the southern end of the Haida Gwaii archipelago tomorrow.

  Through this opening on one shore of Bent Harbour, one can see and hear the waves rushing toward the rocks and trying to leap up to their slippery tops.

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