They’re baaaaack!

From Oyster Bay across Fitz Hugh Sound to the Hakai Beach Institute facility in Pruth Bay

The white foamy substance that flows out of the stream at the head of Oyster Bay produced a number of sudsy little islets that gathered near the rocks on the bay’s shores and sent puffy tiny blobs sailing past the boat during Tuesday (May 24) morning as we prepared to leave the bay and return to Fitz Hugh Sound after spending a pleasant Monday evening playing backgammon (I lost two games) and eating popcorn. Slate-gray clouds covered the sky for the second straight day, but no rain fell as we motored for about three hours among the beautiful islands.

In attempting to pump out the contents of our holding tank into the Sound as we went along, I opened the wrong valve and then wondered why all my strenuous exercise was accomplishing nothing. It turned out that there was a blockage in the system, probably caused by my error, that my poor patient husband had to remove to restore the pump to working order—BLAAAARGH!!! I was so incredibly sorry 😭–next time I will know which valve to open.

We were the second boat to enter Pruth Bay at the northern tip of Calvert Island, and once we’d anchored, Walt took Coracle to the dinghy dock on the shore near the headquarters of the Hakai Beach Institute (an environmental studies center for researchers and college students) to register our presence and set up WI-Fi for the duration of our stay.

The landing area for dinghies at the Hakai Beach Institute

The Honda outboard motor behaved properly as long as its gas cap was slightly loose, and Walt didn’t have to row back to Braesail. We spent most of the remainder of Tuesday dealing with email and blog posting and updating as curtains of rain drew around the large, tree-encompassed bay; I discovered, to my dismay, that I had inadvertently used up all of my day’s data allotment in about an hour–AAARGH! Mea culpa again 🙁. I will have to stop using Facebook and Gmail’s Web client for the most part when we are in places with little connectivity.

Looking back out of Pruth Bay before the rain began

A windstorm is supposed to engulf the area overnight, but we trust that our anchor attached to some 200 feet of heavy chain will keep us in place.

Please remember to look back over about a week of postings when a new post appears if you haven’t reviewed the entries for awhile–maps and better, larger versions of photos will probably have been added.

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