Via Iridium (and a moment of reformatting)

We are still getting used to this technology—and its limitations.

We’ve anchored in Oyster Inlet at the end of Fish Egg Inlet. If you want to know where that is, I point you to the PredictWind tracking page for Braesail: When we are posting using the satellite email connection, we have to leave it to you to look up.

A problem with dropping hook in a place like this is that the satellite wants really boring terrain. The manual tells me that the antenna should have an “unrestricted view of the sky, from 5º above the horizon.

Well, that won’t work here. We have a 25º horizon up the inlet. With the island in front of us, it’s about the same down the inlet. To the west we have about 45º and to the east, it’s about 60º. End result, is that with the boat swing and the satellite paths, I’ve had to restart my weather download four times (fortunately it’s smart enough not to download anything twice!) in about a 20 minute download. We also don’t know how big a package we can effectively post to email (and thus to this blog). The manual says 50 kBytes is a good maximum, but a decent picture takes 100 kBytes. So we will play with sizes.

I’ve attached the photo Lorelette just tried to post. We’ll see how it goes….

… Sent from Braesail’s own satellite!

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