A valuable visit

Clouds of various shapes and sizes spent most of their time in our skies today, but there was little rain, so I enjoyed an afternoon walk along the waterfront boardwalk and took a few pictures. The predicted windstorm has yet to arrive, but we think that our location should be well protected from the worst of the winds if they do decide to pay Cormorant Island a visit.

Looking down at the pebble beach, with its clam shells and some grass, from an Awak’was: the sea water close to shore is quite clear and here reflects the gray sky above.
Awak’was: Sun figure. There are five of these small “look-out” shelters along the Alert Bay waterfront, each containing a plaque that tells the origin story of a ‘Namgis clan (the stories usually involve the transformation of animals into humans and vice versa). Each Awak’was presents on its front the carved and painted representation of the progenitor of the clan.
Another Awak’was: Wolf carving

Walt did some reading and writing, as did I, and we checked the weather forecasts for the next several days as we anticipate motoring to Port McNeill on Thursday (depending on the winds) to pick up fuel, groceries, and our new satellite phone prior to our passage around Cape Caution this weekend. We’re also beginning to consider places to visit after we’ve rounded the Cape.

The highlight of the day was our conversation with a couple from Christ Church, whom we’d met on Sunday at coffee hour. They wanted to talk with Walt about how the little congregation might continue to meet, worship, support one another, and minister to the Alert Bay community in the absence of clergy. We spent two hours in our cozy, warm cockpit discussing their situation and things that they might try regarding worship services, music, community activities, etc. We will be praying for them, and look forward to staying in touch.

Christ Church (Anglican), 1879

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