Armed with tea in Teakerne Arm

From Teakerne Arm to Shoal Bay

YUMMM: Blackberry cinnamon buns and tea to start a quiet Sunday in this large bay on West Redonda Island in the Discovery Islands archipelago northeast of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. May Day proved to be cool and gray, but the deep, dark green water in our little niche at the base of a brooding, streaked cliff face remained very playful and giggly in response to the breezes that blew by our boat. The day’s activities included reading, writing, snoozing, tea-drinking, greeting a small sea lion splashing about at the drowned end of a small downed tree, and some work on Braesail’s engine (adding oil and adjusting valves), and on the pulleys used to lift Coracle, our inflatable dinghy, up and down at the stern.

We’d anchored on Saturday just around a point of rock very near the waterfalls you see pictured below, but we couldn’t hear them at all after passing by in search of a safe anchoring spot.

One-hundred-foot Cassel Falls tumbles down moss-padded granite “stairs” from nearby Cassel Lake and splashes into the shirred-silk waters below
The second falls in Teakerne Arm
Both of the waterfalls–such wonderful “water music” they make as you pass by!
Cassel Falls and its companion as one leaves Teakerne Arm

As you’ve probably observed, I LOVE waterfalls, and I was loath to bid farewell to these two beauties on Monday morning as we began our journey to Shoal Bay!

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