Blackberry-cinnamon buns, and (more!) waterfalls

Two still-somewhat-weary-but-recovering travelers were thankful for a restful night after a strenuous Friday! We left Powell River around 9:30 am as a number of boats were leaving and many were waiting outside the stone breakwater to find a place to dock–the marina was becoming quite busy!

Powell River to Teakerne Arm

The skies were sullen as we motored for about two hours in almost no wind, past the wide variety of houses on the shores of British Columbia on our right (starboard side) and lovely, forested, drift-log-bordered islands to our left (port side). By noon, the sun had finally climbed out of its fluffy cloud bed, and we were tied up at the dock in Lund Harbour. We had one hour during which to hurry up to shore, buy our favorite frosted blackberry-cinnamon buns at the famous (deservedly so!!) Nancy’s Bakery, grab a small lunch there, get back to Braesail, and continue our journey (otherwise, you pay about $1 per foot of boat length as your mooring fee for one day). We purchased the buns, a sandwich lunch, and a loaf of fresh sourdough bread, returned to the boat, and left in time to avoid staying past the expiration of our “grace period.”

Palm trees –in the “Frozen North!”–on the coast of British Columbia! View over the harbor from Nancy’s Bakery’s deck
Another view from the bakery’s deck. A small stream (left) runs down from the shores at Lund Harbour into the marina.
Looking in the other direction from the marina while eating lunch
It’s turned into a BEAUTIFUL day!

We continued to motor for about three more hours, and finally found a good anchoring spot in the DEEP water near two large and wonderful waterfalls (photos to come later) in a large bay in Teakerne Arm on West Redonda Island–Braesail was the only boat there. After the anchor, on about 190 ft. of chain, was lowered and hooked, Walt tied the boat’s stern to a cable set into a tall rock face for stability, and we both took naps. A light breeze sent wavelets fluttering about in all directions, first splashing against the cliff’s base and other surrounding rocks, and then rebounding around Braesail’s hull, and as I relaxed on a lounge cushion in the cockpit, it seemed as if I were high, dry, and warm while lying in the middle of a gurgling, laughing stream–a thoroughly delightful and amazing water-sonic experience!
We’ve shared Evening Prayer and now it’s time for galley clean-up, a look outside the cockpit to see if any stars are visible, and then sleep. Blackberry-cinnamon buns tomorrow morning!

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