A calm stay in Storm Bay

We spent most of Wednesday motoring: from “Blissful” Misery Bay in Salmon Inlet back to Sechelt Narrows, around the Kunechin Islets (we found a beautiful little anchorage among them, but it had insufficient connectivity to support webinar attendance), up Narrows Inlet and around Storm Bay (sufficient connectivity–YES!), and, after lunching in Storm Bay, east along Narrows Inlet to its terminus and back again to Storm Bay. [You can refer to the second map in the “Misery Bay” post showing Sechelt, Narrows, and Salmon inlets.]

Once again, mountain scenery was glorious wherever we looked, and we could see stands of trees at higher elevations that had been freshly sprinkled with snow-dust and were still misty. Narrows Inlet’s shores were lined with more lacy deciduous trees than Salmon Inlet’s, but we didn’t see as many cataracts plunging down the cliff sides. Gigantic mounds of cloud-suds tumbled and churned around the skies and spun down rain now and again, even when the sun WAS looking!

One of many magnificent mountain views to be enjoyed while traveling east up Narrows Inlet
Looking west from Braesail’s stern deck as we motored down Narrows Inlet

We anchored in Storm Bay in the peaceful late afternoon, and spent most of the evening catching up on email and blog posts, now that we had good connectivity. We planned to be online at 10 am on Thursday morning for the Haida Gwaii orientation seminar.

Mountain view from Storm Bay
In Storm Bay–you get a tiny glimpse of the water between the points of land
A clearing on one of Storm Bay’s shores with a view of the overcast sky in the “sea mirror”
Our anchorage’s “back door:” A massive wall! The two seagulls (bottom toward the left) were on or near that rock every time I looked in that direction.

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