A quiet, cozy, data-free Tuesday in Misery Bay

On April 26, many showers and a few sun rays visited us throughout a relaxing day of reading, writing, enjoying good food, playing backgammon, napping, and the accomplishing of a few boat-related tasks (patching a cracking section of leather upholstery on one of the saloon settees and making a usable dock line from a fraying one). Having no data meant no web-surfing, email-sending, or phoning, and being “off the grid” was sometimes frustrating, but, overall, was a positive experience for me. During the intervals during which the rain paused to take a breath, I walked around Braesail’s deck hoping for glimpses of the mountains surrounding the bay (see previous post).

Tomorrow morning we return to Sechelt Inlet, hoping to explore Narrows Inlet and to stay overnight in Storm Bay near its entrance, said to be the most secure anchorage in the area. We’re scheduled to participate in a Zoom orientation introducing Haida Gwaii (formerly called the Queen Charlotte Islands) at 10 am on Thursday (those wishing to explore this archipelago are required to attend the orientation and to register for and purchase a permit that allows entry into the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, a Protected Area, and so we need to find a place in which to spend the night that will offer adequate connectivity the next morning).

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