Walks and worship

Braesail remains docked at a Burrard Yacht Club dock from which it feels as if you have to hike a mile (it’s actually a bit less than a half-mile) to arrive at the Club offices, restrooms, laundry facilities, and, most importantly, the gate through which you gain access to North Vancouver’s mainland, where one can find stores, banks, and public transportation to other parts of the city. On a sunny Thursday morning, we walked to and from the offices and gate so that I could learn about the costs and processes of washing and drying our laundry and Walt could ride a folding bicycle to a bank to get Canadian cash (the only way to pay our mooring fees, which are VERY reasonable here) and to a grocery store to buy a few items. During my walk back to the boat, I took these photos of downtown Vancouver and the nearby mountains.

View of downtown Vancouver from our dock at the Burrard Yacht Club
A fine view of Two Sisters Mountain, also known as The Lions. Here you can read the beautiful First Nations legend of the two sisters who brought reconciliation and peace to warring Coast Salish Nations through a feast: https://www.legendsofvancouver.net/two-sisters-vancouver-bc

Then on Thursday evening, we spent about 1.5 hours walking along the docks to the gate and then along the lovely “Spirit Trail” to the Seabus terminal, taking the Seabus (a passenger ferry) to downtown Vancouver, riding the subway/SkyTrain to the stop nearest Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, and then walking the short distance to the Cathedral for their Maundy Thursday liturgy (our son Martin has been a chorister there since 1998 and their choir is outstanding!). After the service (excellent music and a great sermon!), we reversed course and traveled in chilly but dry conditions back to Braesail, arriving at 11 pm. We’d walked some 5.5 miles over the course of the day–good exercise!

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