A good meal with good friends on Good Friday

On a bright-but-chilly Good Friday afternoon, Walt and I again traveled on foot, by ferry, and by subway to downtown Vancouver to worship at the Anglican Cathedral, where, again, the music and the sermon were very fine. After the Good Friday liturgy, we joined our son Martin on a walk to his apartment, where we chatted with him and his girlfriend Karen while they prepared an excellent meal (to be shared outdoors in the sunshine with friends) to celebrate the end of the penitential season of Lent with foods and beverages appropriate to the liturgical occasion (the Crucifixion of Christ) and its theme color (purple): “lent-il” soup and a cider-vinegar-based drink, roast lamb with blood-orange sauce, purple potatoes, purple yams, red/purple cabbage, a “rusty-nail” drink, “dry sack” sherry with ash cheese and crackers, a blueberry pie with a wounded hand traced on the top crust, and a purple-yam (ube) tart. We shared the meal with our long-time mutual friend Hans, and with the excellent Music Director of the Cathedral Choir, Rupert, and his lady friend, Margaret. We had a delightful time together, assured that the Holy Trinity has a sense of humor and appreciated ours as we honored the day and its meaning of incomprehensible LOVE.

After our wonderful meal and visit, Walt and I walked from Martin’s apartment to a bus stop and rode the bus back to North Vancouver, walking from our stop to the Burrard Yacht Club gate and then back to Braesail, having taken nearly 9,000 steps over the course of the day (about 4.5 miles’ worth). After admiring the view of the city lights from across the water from our dock, we retired for the night.

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