Day 2: More fitting out

Nothing to see here, just keep moving along.

nav station

Or so it seems. But the list for what needs to be made ready is actually getting shorter.

  • groceries, bags and bags of groceries
    • including a block of dry ice to bring the temp down rapidly in the fridge and freezer
  • getting a slightly finicky refrigeration system to behave. I’ve got wireless thermometers in both the fridge and freezer, and a little battery-powered circulating fan in the fridge to try to get more even cooling.
  • picked up the reconditioned life raft (a top of the line Switlik) and Man-overboard module from Avalon Rafts in Long Beach
  • pulled the SSB transceiver to expand it to ham-radio frequencies so that we can connect to Pacific cruising nets for weather info
  • some new dock lines, connectors to hook up the AIS transceiver
  • and the big win: jury-rigged the antenna for the AIS transceiver. We now have full sensor integration on Snow Shoo, and have it running on local WiFi, so all the various smart phones, iPads, computers
  • picked up Martin at the airport

Unfortunately the great little AIS transceiver (a Vesper XB-8000) seems to have something wrong with its RF components. All the cool trick sensor integration, protocol conversion, moving data between NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, SeaTalk 1 and SeaTalk NG works like a charm. Sending and getting transponder data–no luck. As soon as we have the transponder live (probably will have them drop ship a replacement unit to Oakland), I’ll send out URIs for AIS services, and you’ll be able to track Snow Shoo’s position to the minute (literally, to the minute, as that’s how often the data gets sent).

Tomorrow, we’ll take Snow Shoo out for a test run to make sure all the rigging and electronics are working. We’ll also test and load the dinghy, and we’ll put Mike and Sandy’s kayak ashore to be donated to a veteran’s sea-training organization. I’m just a little nervous about taking blue water across the bow and ripping the kayak loose. And while it’s a nice enough kayak, a different design is better for Northwest waters.

And that’s enough for one day. It’s almost tomorrow.


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