First day: May 18

Arrived to Snow Shoo in Marina del Rey at about 1615 local time. Found that there was no shore power, house batteries were down to 7-8 volts, and the charger inverter was on crack. What a start.

Picked Hans Johnson up at the airport, had a bite to eat, and back to the boat. Fired up the engine to start charging house batteries. Worked just fine. Started trouble shooting; all the indicators pointed to either no power was getting to the inverter or the transfer relay had packed it in. Tore into the main electrical panel and we found that there was a big black wire disconnected from the main breaker—probably when the water gauge was replaced. Since this was built by the Brits, we had to remove the main breaker to get it back on.  Looks like everything is back in order. The charger is down to 25 amps into the bank, and heading into float, so it looks like no permanent damage (keep your fingers crossed).

Filled the water tanks, and the gauge shows empty. Will give the guy who did the work a call in the morning. He mentioned something about potentially backwards wiring. The sensor on the holding tank looks fine.

Rose Rigging put new running backstay spectra lines on to replace the very heavy wire rope lines and fittings. Anyone over six feet tall is now much safer on Snow Shoo because those heavy tie points won’t bonk them.

The new MMSI is 367733390 (for non-sailors, that’s like a telephone number), and it’s programed into both the VHFs. We’ll be installing the AIS transponder, and general brain box, the Vesper 8000, tomorrow. That will let any ship traffic see us and our course. For the most part, better than RADAR for identification and tracking, and will significantly increase safety. I’m going to get the life raft and the Man Overboard Module tomorrow, so Snow Shoo will have a full set of contemporary safety equipment.

Martin did a bunch of line cleaning in January; looks like we may not need to replace the jib sheets before heading north–Thanks!

Time to hit the rack. There’s lots to do before we untie the lines and head north.


2 thoughts on “First day: May 18

  1. Greetings, Snow Shoo North Team! It’s cool and drizzly in Everett/Bellevue; I found a parking space in the east lot, got some exercise climbing the stairs, and caught the 7:55 am bus.
    Glad to hear that things are shaping up on the boat despite the glitches. Were the missing foulies located? What’s happening with the lines that Fisheries Supply wasn’t supplying? Did you cancel the order and buy the lines at Worst Marine? Hope the water tank level gauge can be righted. Does Steve have the sales paperwork for the boat?
    The Miata is fine, and now I know what to do in similar non-starter circumstances.
    Hope Martin arrives safely and that you’ll be able to “ship out” tomorrow!


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