In the dinghy, on the trail, on the beach

A lazy Saturday morning (October 1) of reading and writing and making up bread dough preceded a delightful afternoon for me! Walt elected to stay on the boat to relax and finish the bread-making process, and I rowed Coracle to the dinghy dock nearest to Braesail. This was the first time I’d taken the dinghy (new as of March) out alone, and all went well–I found that it’s much easier to row than its predecessor!

I climbed the ramp to the shore and took the mossy, forested Cove Trail above the water to South Beach, about a half-mile away, took some photos, and turned back when I reached a dirt road and private property. The trail crossed above the driftwood-decorated, pebble-and-shell beach where a family with several kids was enjoying the cold water, and I paused to look over the grassy wetland at the head of Pirates Cove and take a picture of Braesail.

Looking through the “window” beneath a madrona trunk near the Cove Trail above Pirates Cove’s South Beach
View over Ruxton Passage from the trail above South Beach. There’s a heron sitting near the point in the center of the picture that is probably impossible to see.
View back across the grass toward Pirates Cove from the trail above South Beach. You might be able to glimpse Braesail in the distance in the photo’s center.

I next climbed the 20 stairs to the top of a ridge and walked among the wooded campsites, each equipped with a sturdy wooden tent platform and a picnic table (no fires are allowed). When the trail ended, I returned and took the stairs down to the beach, climbed over several drift logs, found one on which to sit, shed my windbreaker, shoes, and socks, and waded into the water up to my ankles. The pebbles were not comfortable to walk on, and it took me awhile to reach a large, smooth rock that I could sit on and relax with my feet on another smaller stone just below the water’s surface. AAHHH–delight!

I’d promised to be back on the boat within an hour and a half of my departure, so I didn’t stay long on the beach but returned on the Cove Trail to Coracle and rowed around to the head of the cove before returning to Braesail, pausing to shoot the photos below as I went.

A section of a sunlit sandstone sculpture “gallery” along the shore
Colorful shoreline sandstone formations reflected in the cove’s shaded water
More sandstone sculptures and their reflections; I see a duck’s head with bill at the left and some honeycomb toward the right.

I had a good phone visit with Walt’s mom after tying Coracle to Braesail’s stern and clambering aboard, and I’m so glad that she is doing well! Over dinner, Walt and I considered Sunday’s travels. Where might we go to find enough connectivity for singing online Compline?

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