Deep peace in Deep Bay

At about 11:30 pm on Monday night, I climbed into Braesail’s cockpit, looked skyward, and was treated to an excellent view of Jupiter, the Big Dipper, and a number of especially bright stars and constellations against the backdrop of an ebony sky-beach over which drifts of fine, glittering star-sand were spread. It was hard to leave that glory and to make my way to bed!

Another clear, warm day (Tuesday, September 27) found us motoring about 12 miles from False Bay, with its relatively new, expansive (and probably expensive!) houses gazing out from its shores, past some fascinatingly rugged islands, to snug little Deep Bay on Jedediah Island, a small body of water over which tall outcroppings of moss-carpeted and tree-topped rock stand guard. A number of stern-tying rings with chains have been set into the rock, and we selected one to which to attach Braesail’s stern after setting her anchor. Three other boats were already in the cove when we arrived, but two of them soon departed, leaving a slightly smaller sailboat, the Gingerlady, as our single companion.

Looking toward the head of Deep Bay, where the trail to an old homestead begins
Looking out of Deep Bay past the high, rocky buffs

Both Walt and I spent some time reading, and later, while he was napping, I sat on the bathing platform in the stern and kicked my feet in the cold water–wonderfully refreshing! It was so quiet that, when ravens swooped above the boat, sending their sharp, raspy cries echoing among the huge shore-side rock faces, I could hear the rhythmic swooshing of their wings as they flew!

Some high, filmy clouds are beginning to spread over the sky as I write this. If the predicted rain arrives overnight, we might decide to stay here another day. I wouldn’t mind a bit–this is such a peaceful, secluded spot, just as I remember it when we visited a number of years ago.

Sunset in Deep Bay, looking out the way we entered

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