At rest in Douglas Bay

A cheery Ranger Tug joined us in Douglas Bay on Sunday afternoon
Douglas Bay in the evening on Saturday

Braesail and her crew enjoyed a fully sunny but cool Sunday in Douglas Bay. We spent our time reading and writing and enjoying the beauty around us, Walt baked a lovely loaf of bread, and in the evening we had just enough connectivity to join our son and friends for the Compline service. Things are well with the boat, apart from our problem with the AIS system. Walt will try to find a solution when we’re in Campbell River on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

One thought on “At rest in Douglas Bay

  1. What gorgeous pictures! You two are making friends wherever you go. I did not know one could successfully bake on a relatively small sailboat, but with great ingenuity, amazing things can happen! It seems like you are heading south now, or did I misread the posts? I imagine you need to head back before winter before the seas get crazy dangerous.


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