Walt drones on . . .

. . . and we both enjoy the music of the birds in the Burdwood Group of rocky, tree-covered islands with their creamy midden shell beaches, some recently-painted pictographs, and many waterfowl bobbing about on the water and calling from trees, skies, and shores.

Some of the islands in the Burdwood Group; a beautiful, smooth, pale-yellow midden beach appears in the center of the photo.
View through a window between two Burdwood islands
Another view of some Burdwood islands sitting atop the watery mirror that reflects their images.

We left our anchorage near the Broughton Lagoon rapids on Thursday morning on a cloudy but fog-free morning and motored for an hour or so to the Burdwood Group of islands not far from Echo Bay on Gilford Island. We meandered among the beautiful islands while Walt charged his drone’s batteries, and then we let Braesail drift in front of a massive granite cliff face for a time while he flew the drone above.

One of the great granite cliff faces near the Burdwood Islands

There was no wind and the sea was barely rippled, and Walt thinks that he was able to shoot some good footage with the boat at rest.

We next floated for a time in front of a rock face on which a local artist has painted some fascinating red pictographs in Indigenous style, and Walt flew the drone again and shot video. Our friend Michelle knows the artist, Marianne Nicolson, who painted the shield-shaped “coppers” in 2019, while clan elders painted their totems.

Marianne Nicolson’s pictographs
A closer view of the “coppers” painted on the rock, with smaller figures and symbols to their left and right
A still-closer view of the four “coopers” and the images to their right

Though rain was not in the forecast, the clouds hovering above us looked as if they might like to relieve themselves of some of their watery burdens, and so we decided not to anchor and stern-tie in the Burdwood Group but to motor on for another hour to commodious Waddington Bay on Bonwick Island, where we are, once more, the only vessel, and where some patches of blue sky are visible as I type this. We enjoyed a restful afternoon and evening, and this morning, it DID rain for some time as we’d expected. Walt has bread rising in the warm engine room, and now that the clouds have departed and taken their splashy contents with them, we will be leaving soon.

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