Dockside dining in Lagoon Cove

Waddington Bay was gorgeous by the time we left shortly after noon on Friday, September 16. We motored to and around Village Island, on which one can find the abandoned Indigenous community of Mimkwamlis, the ancestral home of the Mamalilikulla First Nation. Tours of structures that the forest is reclaiming can sometimes be arranged, but we have not been able to do that.

One view from Waddington Bay after rain had ceased on Friday morning

We enjoyed a fabulous, sun-drenched afternoon of safe and easy travel through Beware Passage (containing Caution Rock, Caution Cove, Beware Rock, Beware Cove, Care Island, and Dead Point, which we visited in the spring–if one transits during a low tide, it’s not difficult to see and avoid the rocks, reefs, sandbars, etc.!) and then Clio Channel to the welcoming marina at Lagoon Cove.

In the morning, Walt had discovered that something was wrong with part of our navigation system–we can “see” other boats electronically, but they cannot see us. Walt hoped that he might contact someone about the problem once we had good connectivity at the marina, but this didn’t happen and we may simply have to do without that “visibility” component.

We did meet our Paraiso friends at Lagoon Cove, and we shared a delightful potluck dinner with Tom and Michelle and three other boaters in a small dockside shelter (the contributions of recently-caught salmon and cod were terrific, and Walt added the fresh bread that he had taken out of our oven minutes before everyone assembled in the shelter). A passing shower encouraged everyone to return to their boats, but we’d all had a great time together–dockside potlucks are great fun!

[We will be out in remote areas again for a week, so I’ll be using satellite mail for blog posts and a few photos. You can look back at the last half-dozen posts now to see the “new and improved” pictures that I’ve added. Thanks as always for traveling with us!]

One thought on “Dockside dining in Lagoon Cove

  1. Thank you for the vivid descriptions traveling the rapids. I almost felt I was there. Impromptu potluck with fellow travelers seems an added bonus. I wish you could have visited the Mamalilikulla First Nation ancestral home as part of your research.
    Be safe, blessings, peace, and love,
    Bette and Walt

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